Do you own a dog that absolutely loves spreading himself out when he’s relaxing at home?  Are you tired of getting kicked out of your own bed, off your own couch, or never having access to the best seats in the house?  For the dog who loves to stretch out, why not purchase a lounger dog bed?

There is a huge choice available to suit each dog whether it be a fleece dog lounger you are after and that your pooch prefers, knitted dog loungers or something more cooling like cotton, we have the products here for you.

Whereas some dogs like the feeling of being encased in a fluffy dog bed with raised barriers in place for them to cuddle up in, such as those available in our slumber or snuggle beds collection, some dogs like to have the freedom and choice to move about, and even sometimes favour lying half on the floor and half on their dog lounger bed.  So, for the dog who likes to choose, buy them a dog lounger instead.

A dog bed lounger is also ideal for taking away with you when you travel in your car, visit another location such as a dog friendly hotel, or when camping.  Being often lighter, and more compactable that your more structured dog beds, you can fit them almost anywhere.

If your dog likes extra comfort, you can even use these dog loungers in conjunction with our elevated beds or slumber or snuggle beds, to give them the added luxury of our soft fluffy loungers.

As always, here at Sleepy Paws, we aim to provide you with dog beds and other items for your pet that will contribute to the happiness of your canines, and the enjoyment you get from having a fur-baby.  For more information on any of our products, contact us today.

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