PRO PLAN Adult Dry Dog Food Light / Sterilised Rich in Chicken 14kg


Some dogs are more prone to weight gain due to factors such as lower activity levels or neutering / sterilisation. We want all dogs to live healthy and happy lives. That’s why our vets and nutritionists have specially developed PRO PLAN Light / Sterilised – a dog food proven to help support weight management.


Purina PRO PLAN Light / Sterilised dry dog food is made with high quality chicken pieces as the first ingredient and optimised protein and fat levels. A lower fat content helps promote weight loss. When combined with a daily walk, this food is proven to enable a body fat loss of up to 60% within 12 weeks and healthy subsequent weight maintenance thanks to the high protein and low fat content. The careful formulation, a high protein content, complex carbohydrate sources and adequate fibre content, helps reduce the feeling of hunger.


Purina PRO PLAN Light / Sterilised All Sizes Adult has been developed for Adult dogs of all breeds. This dry dog food contains vitamin D, minerals and specific levels of omega-3 (0.3%) to help support healthy teeth and gums. It is rich in high quality chicken and provides optimal nutrition for your dog’s adventures from 12 months of age.

Discover the benefits Light / Sterilised products can make to your dog’s health and wellbeing.

This product is suitable for all dogs that would benefit from a small amount of weight loss, as well as to help minimise the risk of weight gain in dogs at greater risk of it, such as those that have been Sterilised.

  • Chicken as No1 ingredient & High protein
  • Proven to help promote weight management
  • Low fat to help promote weight loss & maintain lean body mass
  • Helps reduce the feeling of hunger
  • Science based nutrition with no added colourants
Weight 14 kg

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