April 2024
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    Here at Sleepy Paws, we’re proud to offer a wide range of high-quality pet foods for your furry friends. Our range has everything from the necessities to when they need a little luxury. No matter what size or shape your dog may be (or whatever else) – we have a wide variety of food options to satisfy every animal’s taste while keeping them healthy.

    Every dog deserves a delicacy once in a while, and we have the dog pick and mix treats of your pets’ dreams. Dogs are our best friends, so it’s essential that we give them the best possible food and treats. When spoiling your four-legged friend, you might be tempted to reach for a bag of processed snacks from the supermarket. Instead, give them something you can trust is doing them good. Our natural dog treats can offer many health benefits for your pup.

    Go Natural

    Natural treats are typically made with fewer ingredients, which makes them easier to digest. And because they are free of artificial flavours and preservatives, they are less likely to cause stomach upset. Additionally, they often contain higher protein levels and other nutrients than their processed counterparts. This means that they can help keep your dog feeling satisfied between meals. So next time you’re looking for something special for your best friend, make sure it’s from our pick and mix natural range.

    Choose the Best

    Our range includes a wide selection of meat options, including Chicken Feet, Venison Sausage and Black Pudding Sticks. We also have vegetable chews for a healthier veggie option. Your dog can also benefit from improved dental health by chewing many of our goodies.

    We ensure that all our suppliers are of the highest quality to guarantee that you are getting value for money and your pet gets all the nutritional benefits from eating high-quality natural foods. Our knowledgeable team are happy to provide recommendations if your pet has any nutritional deficiencies or food requirements.

    Contact Us

    So, if you have been thinking about trying out some new pet treats. We have the perfect dog pick and mix selection of goodies for every type and size! Our friendly team is always happy to discuss our products in more detail with every customer, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can contact us through our online contact form or by phone (landline or mobile). You can also send us an email at Sleepypawsenquiries@gmail.co.uk.

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