We all like to spoil our dogs with a choice of toys, treats and other comforts, but some play toys are also helpful for more than just showering our pets with love.  Chew toys can help dogs that suffer from boredom, separation anxiety, and can even improve teeth and gum health.

Here at Sleepy Paws, we have a huge choice of dog chew toys to suit the needs of puppies, adult dogs who love to play catch, and even some indestructible dog chew toys for canines who like to sit and gnaw away at a toy for long periods of time.  It can be frustrating when you purchase toys, only for them to be destroyed sometimes only hours after you brought them home.  To allow your pet as much time as they want to enjoy chewing and playing, we specifically provide a great choice of durable dog chew toys, so they can keep the toys they enjoy for longer.

Flavoured dog chewers also last a long time allowing your pet some calorie free yummy flavours as they sit and chew away at their favourite choice of power chew toy.  Some canines also favour a toy that has plenty of texture that they can roll around their mouths and enjoy the different shapes.  For example, we have a honey dripper shaped toy, rope toys, and even a tractor shaped toy for your furry friends to enjoy on their own or to chase as you play along with them.  For those that like to use their whole body to play, there are some strong dog chew toys suitable for rough game of tug.

As all dogs explore, learn and play with their mouths, we also have some chew toys for dogs’ food treats, that can be placed inside or on the toy, giving your pet some added mental stimulation while they work for their treats.  There are a number of treat dispenser dog chewers to choose from that can either be smothered with their favourite paste or spread such as peanut butter, or hold solid biscuits and meat treats that fall out as the toy is played with.  Whatever kind of treat compatible toy you choose; we are sure it will help your pet get the most fun out of both the chew and the delicious food treat you provide.

For dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, or other anxiety issues, they can find hours of entertainment to keep their minds occupied with a long-lasting chew for while you are away, traveling in the car, or even when noises such a thunder or fireworks may make your pet nervous and unsettled.

Dental hygiene is sometimes difficult to manage with a canine, as most shy away from a tooth brush.  With these dog chews tartar can be removed as they roll around a textured toy against their teeth, and gum health and even jaw strength can be improved.

So, for a great choice of power dog chew toys come to Sleepy Paws and pick some fabulous items for your beloved pooch.  If you have any queries, please contact us today.

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