Sleepy Paws love to supply you and your beloved pets with a huge choice of toys and treats to enjoy.  Although our dogs will always love a food treat, we know that the activities any creature enjoys must be increased if they eat more goodies, or foods of any kind.  Regardless, of how fluffy, colourful or squeaky a toy is, a dog also loves nothing more than playing with you, and some breeds of dog require a certain amount of mental stimulation daily in order to use up their energy reserves.  Although walking your dog is important, often it just doesn’t provide enough stimulation for our pet.  For this purpose, we have a good selection of dog interactive toys.

Puzzle activity dog toys can provide a dog with both a toy and a treat, but require a certain amount of thinking to gain the rewards they yield.  Other dog activity toys include retrievable toys, some that can be used out of doors and others that are suitable for inside the home.   Interactive dog toys such as the indoor rollable chuck-it toys are extremely popular.

In winter it can be harder to have time to play with your dogs, or find somewhere when it goes dark to walk your dog.  Our glow in the dark ranges of dog toys, interactive as part of a game of fetch, allow for you to play in the dark without loosing a toy every time you do.

We make it our aim to supply you with the best interactive dog toys we can knowing, not only will your dog benefit from them, but that you will be able to spend quality time with your dog and reap all of the fun and joy of being a dog owner.

For an excellent choice of interactive dog toys, UK dog lovers and owners can come to us.

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