Here we have a page dedicated to a great choice of the dog chew bone, in various flavours in different sizes to cater to every pet.  Here at Sleepy Paws, we recognise that most pets like to explore and play with their mouths and that sometimes need something to occupy them during those times you are out or busy with other things.  This flavoured dog bone is ideal for puppies that may love to chew, but with the choice of flavours available, is also ideal for any age.  They can also help your pet to keep their teeth cleaner, thus contributing to dental hygiene, and we even have a tasty bone dog chew that is specifically created to promote oral health.

There are times when we can’t bring our dogs out and about with us, regardless of how much we want to.  It can sometimes be difficult when you have dog’s that are prone to separation anxiety, or that seem to have boundless physical or mental energy.  When this is the case, having dog toys in the home to occupy them while you are not present, can really help them to relax and feel ‘at home’ even when you are not there.  Dog chews are ideal, because they provide a delight for the senses.  The tasty bone is both rough and textured (which they love) and full of flavour that just keeps on going for a long time.

Depending on your pet’s favourite treat, we are sure we can provide a flavour to match.  Does your dog love meaty treats?  No problem.  You can pick from lamb, steak and bacon flavoured tasty bones.  The tasty Nylon Quad Bone we have available is a great toy for interaction between pet and owner, as well as something that can keep them occupied, and has even more choice of meaty flavourings such as chorizo, chicken tikka, fish and chips and hoisin duck.  This is ideal for the canine who’s always wanting to steal these tasty flavours from their owners own plate.

We also have non-meaty flavoured options.  Does your pet love peanut butter?  This is favourite of many of our canine customers.  However, giving lots of peanut butter based treats can make your pet put on unnecessary weight.  The dog tasty bone gives them all the flavour they love, without the calories. And last, but certainly not least to mention, is our pink raspberry mint tasty bone that can help with oral health.

Gum and tooth health is very important, and it is important to find various methods of caring for this part of your pet’s health, as a lot of them don’t like to have their teeth brushed.  However, these chews can help to remove tartar off of the tooth surface, and food that may be stuck between teeth, without sugars or other foods adding to the overall problem.  As some teeth cleaning treats can have sugars in them, having this ongoing tooth care is a healthier and more cost-effective solution.

The best thing about these dog chew toys is their noted durability.  No matter how much your pet chews, or how destructive he or she may be during play, these toys will last and last.

If you need any other information on our choice of dog bone chews, please feel free to contact our shop.

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