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    January 2024
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    We have a huge choice of Kong toys for dogs available for you to purchase online here at Sleepy Paws!  No matter whether you have a senior or adult dog, or a puppy, there are Kong toys available for all.

    Sleepy Paws care about and value every breed of dog that our customers own.  The products we provide support the overall attention and care you give to your pet.  Therefore, we not only stock of large variety of products, but we make sure they are from reputable companies that feel the same way as we do about our valuable customers, both canine and human!

    Kong as a company have the moto ‘because…. dogs need to play’.  This is very true, and they play a lot with their mouths.  A lot love to softly cuddle up by gently playing with a toy in their mouths, others like to throw it around, while there are those that like to chew and chew and chew.  This is especially true of puppies.

    Kong toys, UK customers can order from us, are known for providing a variety of play time products both soft and cuddly, and some robust enough even for strong dogs with powerful jaws.  Some play by attempting to tear and pull toys apart.  Whereas they are not doing it to deliberately ruin their favoured toy beyond repair, it can create a lot of mess and cost you a fair amount when they need to be replaced.  The Kong toys for dogs we have available allow them the chance to play the way they like, without loosing the variety of fun things you want to give them to play with.

    Although dogs chew a lot when they are puppies, they need a different kind of toy that is gentler on their delicate mouths.  Our Kong puppy toys can help when they are teething, or to alleviate boredom when they first move into their new homes, away from their litter.  Whether you get them a soft fluffy toy for them to sleep with, or a squeaky toy, Kong provides for all of your puppies needs.  So, for a huge variety of Kong puppy toys, UK customers can come to us.

    We all get a lot of joy from owning a pet, and a lot of that comes from play time.  Some of the most popular and well know varieties of Kong toys include the Kong classic that can be played with as it is, or filled full of treats and yummy food to help keep your dog mentally occupied and stimulated for hours.  This is also a good toy for when you need to be out of the house at any time and your animal struggles being on its own.  There are also lots of tug of war rope Kong toys for interaction between you and your pet, and Kong balls for playing a game of fetch out of doors.

    Browse through our Kong toys and perhaps look at the other dog toys we have available that we know both senior and adult dogs, and puppies love.  Contact us if you need more information.

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