Dog Travel Accessories

We all need to travel, and when we do so to take a holiday or to have a day trip out, we also love to bring our pets with us.  Here at Sleepy Paws, we have some helpful and handy dog travel accessories to help you make your journey is a successful one.

For those dogs that love nothing more than getting wet and muddy, we have a good selection of travel accessories for dogs that will help you to keep them happy, and your car clean.  From dog towels and dog dry coats to a waterproof boot bed, we have everything you could need to make your pet dry, warm and cosy while they make the journey home from their energetic and invigorating walk, without muddying up your car every time you travel.

In summer, traveling with your dog in hot temperatures can be a difficult problem to manage.  However, with a dog cooling mat available in our section on car traveling accessories for dogs, you can make them comfortable without having to worry about them suffering from heat exhaustion.

If you have a dog that tends to get quite excited in the car and may distract you from concentrating on driving, then travel accessories for dogs in the car such as a hammock or harness may be just what you need to allow you the freedom to take your dog with you wherever you go.

When you are walking your dog, it can be helpful to have some treats handy.  Check out the dog treat travel bag, designed to be easy to carry, and prevents you from having to use you coat and trouser pockets to stash food treats in.

Other dog travel accessories include dog ramps for car access, and slash pools for fun.  So, for you travel accessories for dogs, UK orders can be made online at Sleepy Paws.

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