Lickimat Boredom Box Choice of 3


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Product Description

Boredom Boxes to keep your Dogs and Puppies Stimulated whilst we are on Lockdown

Top quality treats and chews

Available with different Mats

Deluxe Box Includes:

Playdate/Buddy/Slo-Mo Lickimat

Lickimat Mat Sprinkles

Antos Antler

Buffalos Ear

Meat Filled Hoove

Meat Filled Bone

Pork Roll

Choc Drops (Milk ands Strawberry)

Puffed Chicken Feet

Dried Chicken Feet


Hedgehog Vegtable Chew

Please note:

Mats will Vary in colour

Sprinkles will vary in Flavour and Brand.


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