Chuck it Ultra Bumper Tug


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Chuckit Ultra Bumper Tug Dog Toy

The Chuckit Ultra Bumper Tug lets dogs play in two ways and is made from the same high-quality, durable materials as the best-selling Ultra Ball.

The Ultra Bumper has a rope which can be tucked in to its storage slot so it can be used for fun games of fetch. The rope can be unwrapped for use as a tug toy.

However your dog chooses to play with the Ultra Bumper Tug, it has been designed and built to last!

Key Benefits:

  • Multi-functional: Lets your dog play two ways; toss it or tug it!
  • Durable Design: Made from the same high-quality, durable materials as Chuckit’s best-selling Ultra Ball and the super tough tug rope easily folds and unfolds
  • High-visibility Colours: Chuckit’s classic bright orange and blue colours are easily seen in tall grass or on water
  • Floats in Water

Make sure the toy is size appropriate for your dog. Not a chew toy.

Weight .300 kg

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