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Product Description

The Oral Health Bowl is a vet-developed product designed to encourage your pet to lick across the raised rubber scraping faces to help clean bacteria off the tongue at the end of a meal.

  • Specially designed with comfortable raised tapered rubber tips to help clean bacteria off the tongue, the OH Bowl® can provide the following benefits for your pet:
  • Removing odor-causing bacteria which fights bad breath.
  • Removing disease-causing bacteria leads to healthier teeth and gums.
  • Stimulating the tongue to increases saliva production which in turn also helps with improving gum and teeth health.
  • To encourage extra licking, by getting more food to stick to the tongue-cleaning zone, try adding a few drops of water or tasty liquid to the bowl before putting in the food.
  • Create a boredom buster by spreading over the tongue cleaner a tasty soft treat e.g., yogurt, soft meat, fish, milk. Increased licking encourages the release of endorphins which relaxes and satisfies pets.
  • Made from food grade PP and TPR rubber. Rubber is fused to the bowl. No glues or adhesives used.
  • Completely dishwasher safe.

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