Lords and Labradors Dog Crate and Crate Set in Ivory Boucle


Please note: The gold tone is created by adding extra zinc during the galvanising process. This finish gives a slight rainbow effect with rose gold tones.

The Lords & Labradors Dog Crate Set in Ivory Bouclé is the ultimate luxury dog bed featuring a dog crate, crate cover, bumper and cushion. Metal dog crates can be rather bare and draughty which is why we have designed a whole range of pet bedding to turn the basic dog crate into a luxury pet den. The cosy Bouclé is made from a polyester blend which makes the covers durable and washable. They are just as practical as they are beautiful! The Ivory Bouclé features a timeless check design in subtle shades of biscuit and cream. A classic design that will suit any home!

Our Bouclé set includes the following:

Double Door Metal Dog Crate – Our dog crates are perfect for all dogs from puppy to adulthood. Crate training your puppy will help settle them in smoothly and also help with their toilet training and bedtime routine. Our dog crates feature two doors and a removable tray to make them really easy to clean.

Crate Cover in Ivory – We have made our crate covers to be both stylish and practical. They make an otherwise ugly dog crate look aesthetically pleasing and cosy whilst offering your puppy or adult dog a welcoming space to sleep in. The roll-up doors fasten closed with embossed metal toggles. These will really help get your puppy into a night-time routine – when the doors are rolled down, they’ll soon learn that it’s time to sleep.

Crate Cushion in Ivory – The set includes a dog cushion in Natural to match the cover. The cushion fits inside the crate perfectly and can also be used as a standalone dog bed outside of the crate if required. The cushion cover simply zips off when it needs to be washed and there is a removable waterproof interlining in case of any accidents. Did we mention that it’s super plump and comfortable too?!

Crate Bumper in Ivory – The final piece of the set is the bumper which will add a cosy wall of cushioning to the inside walls of the crate. It sits around the edge of the crate cushion and ties to the inside bars of the crate. It is perfect for any pup who likes to curl up in the corner of their bed when sleeping or lounging. The bumper really is the cherry on the cake when it comes to this set – it doesn’t only provide warmth and comfort but makes the crate look stunning too – the perfect finishing touch.

Our crate sets come 5 sizes from small 24” up to XXL 48” so there’s a set to fit every breed of dog including Miniature Dachshunds, Cockapoos and Labradors

• Full crate set including crate, cover, cushion and bumper
• Crate Cover doors fasten shut with L&L metal toggles
• Helps with toilet training and creating a bed time routine
• Handmade design in our super durable ivory Bouclé fabric
• Creates a cosy den-like space in your crate
• Perfect for crate training puppies
• Machine wash on a delicate cycle




Recommended For





Chihuahua, Pomeranians, Pugs





Jack Russells, Dachshunds, Border Terriers





Cockapoos, Springer Spaniels, Bulldogs





Dalmatians, Labradors, English Bull Terriers





German Shepherds, German Pointers, Bullmastiffs


Extra Extra Large, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


Black Crate and Set, Gold Crate and Set, Silver Crate and Set

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