Milla and Max Odour Control Shampoo


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Milla & Max Odour Control Shampoo for Dogs is specially formulated to provide additional fur deodorizing in smelly situations. Fox Poo, Horse Poo or other Nasties, Whatever your dog likes to roll around in this shampoo will tackle it! Enriched with natural ingredients such as Oat and Nettle extract, this shampoo moisturizes and cleanses the fur, leaving it soft, shiny and healthy-looking. The Apricot and Orange oils in the shampoo help to prevent skin dehydration during bathing, while the Pro-Vitamin B5 keeps fur strong and healthy. Our balanced pH formula protects the skin from irritation, ensuring a safe and comfortable bath time experience for your furry friend. This Odour Control Shampoo for Dogs is perfect for pet owners who want to keep their dogs smelling fresh and clean, while also maintaining their fur and skin health. With a volume of 500ml, this shampoo is perfect for regular use and is suitable for all breeds of dogs.


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