Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit Dog Chew


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Introduce your puppy to the Nylabone family of products and develop healthy chewing habits right from the start! The Puppy Chew Toy and Treat Starter Kit includes a soft, chicken flavored Puppy Bone for teething puppies, a Power Chew Dura Chew chicken flavored bone for puppies starting to get their permanent teeth, and a Healthy Edibles bacon puppy treat just for puppies six months and older. Chew toys and treats help promote dog dental health and satisfy your puppy’s natural instinct to chew

  • TEETHING PUPPY BONE: Gentle puppy chew that eases pain during the teething stage
  • PUPPY CHEW TOY: Durable, entertaining, teaches good chewing habits
  • HEALTHY PUPPY TREAT: Natural puppy treat in delicious bacon flavor
  • A puppy starter set that covers all chewing stages. For small dogs, up to 25 lbs


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