Wild Dog Sensitive Skin Dog Shampoo 270mls


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Product Description

Looking for the best dog shampoo for sensitive skin and itchy skin?

Sensitive Skin Dog Shampoo is the best shampoo for dogs with itchy skin, sensitive skin, suitable for puppies and dogs based on our successful Wild Dog Skin Relief Balm.

It contains our super blend of essential oils and naturally based ingredients to gently cleanse and calm itchy dry skin and leave the fur clean and soft.

Works for:

  • Sensitive irritable dog skin
  • Dogs dry itchy skin
  • All ages including puppies from 12 weeks
  • Gentle effective cleansing for your dog’s skin and fur
  • Shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Dog Shampoo for itchy skin


  • No synthetic perfumes or dyes, pH balanced for dogs
  • Naturally derived and natural ingredients
  • Measuring cup supplied
  • 250mls concentrated formula; dilute shampoo in handy measuring cup with up to 20 parts water
  • Made in Great Britain

Hero Ingredients

  • Gentle naturally-derived surfactants (soap-free)
  • Aloe vera to soothe, nourish and revitalise
  • Our proprietory blend of premium essential oils including mandarin, rosemary, English lavender and frankincense

How to Use

Use the included measuring cup, dilute the shampoo with 1 part shampoo and up to 20 parts warm water. Pre-wet the fur with warm water. Apply to your dog, gently massage into the skin and rinse off thoroughly.

For dogs with sensitive skin massage in the direction the fur grows to reduce irritation.

To dry, wrap your dog in an absorbent towel.  Gently pat dry rather than vigorous towel drying. It may take longer but it will lessen irritation.

When washing your dog’s face and around the eyes use water only, such as a damp face cloth.

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